About Us

Hello from Phoenix, Arizona
On the right is a photo of me (Robert) and my beautiful wife Theresa (The real boss).
For most of my adult life (except for my time in the Army) I have been stuck sitting at a desk programming computer databases. I've always had the dream of creating art that I would want in my own home and sharing it with the world. Last year I decided to take the leap and left the corporate world and started work on designing my own art prints based on the worlds inventions.
All of the base designs for my art are from the US Patent and Trademark Office database and recreated by hand using a Wacom drawing tablet.
I have been selling my prints locally in Phoenix and on a few separate websites, but due to the popularity of my work, I've decided to start offering my prints on their own dedicated store and InventionPrints.com was born. If you have any questions or would like to have me create a custom print for you from an existing patent feel free to email me on my contact page.
Robert Basil